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questions for authors

Ann uses a consulting model in her work with writers. The consulting partnership is designed to free the writer to move forward by providing professional feedback and editing at every stage of book development. She begins by asking questions to build mutual clarity.

What is the book’s purpose?
Who is the intended readership?
What are the main problems you face in finishing the book?
What do you see as the book's greatest strengths in its present form?
What motivated you to write this book?

Ann's process includes problem identification and problem solving, setting time-linked yet flexible goals, and structuring feedback between partners so that the work flows easily as the book moves forward.

Ann can provide guidance to start a writing project, to keep momentum, to outline and organize, to spot missing pieces, to write well, and to market the book. As in any partnership, author and editor build two-way communication based on respect, trust, and ultimately, on success. Ideally, one book will lead to another.

Ann offers a complimentary one-hour consultation, in person or by phone. The consultation is typically a conversation based on a draft chapter or summary sent in advance. It’s a chance for the writer to share ideas with a professional editor, ask and answer questions, get general feedback, and identify next steps in the writing process.